Industrial/Manufacturing Application
12 MMBTUs/hr ‘Hot Air’

Waste Heat Generator (Electric Power) Module

Hot Water System (Stacked System)

School Application
10 MMBTUs/hr ‘Hot Water’

Multiple Combustion Unit Installation
(4) 800 HP ‘Hot Water’ Systems

Correctional Facility Application
13.5 MMBTU ‘Steam’


By attaching the below Waste Heat Generator, Air Conditioning or Refrigeration Modules to the basic Hot Water System shown above, the enhanced System can be configured to provide electric power, air conditioning or refrigeration.

Permitting requirements

The Systems are often exempt from, or approved on an accelerated basis under, local air permitting requirements because of their size, technology and transportability allow them to be treated as other than “fixed installations” and operate below the heat output threshold that typically triggers an air permit requirement. The Systems, which are designed to use such waste as fuel, also comply with US and EU air permitting requirements. These exemptions and accelerated approvals reduce the costs and installation times of our clients’ projects.

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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Modules

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