Low Operating Costs; Superior Technology

Their unique extended, dual combustion chambers, use of over-, under- and mid-fire air distribution systems and proven software ensure an extremely thorough and “clean” combustion process with minimal residual ash. Their variable temperature technology (they can operate from 2,200ºF down to 1,200ºF) enables our customers to use problematic waste materials, such as plywood (with glue), painted wood and palm waste, as fuel by operating below their chemical reaction points. The waste heat electric generator and air conditioning modules in the Systems are produced for SES by world-class manufacturers such as GE, Johnson Controls, Mitsubishi and Trane.

The Systems are computer controlled, fully automated and require only unskilled and inexpensive labor to prepare the fuel. They are designed to function with minimal operator input and without the need for expensive on-site technical or safety personnel. The Systems are affordable to acquire, inexpensive and quiet to operate, and highly reliable and efficient. They are scalable and come in numerous 50 Hz and 60 Hz configurations and a wide range of sizes and heat energy, electric power and Co-Generation options that can be custom configured for each customer’s specific requirements.

The technology’s numerous environmental benefits allow our customers to establish credible and effective sustainability programs that can reduce their operating costs and business risks and enhance their “environmentally-friendly” reputations with the public and their customers and stakeholders.


The Systems are designed to operate continuously (i.e., 24/7) and safely. Each System is expected to achieve an uptime rate of greater than 95%, to operate for at least 40,000 hours (5 years) between major overhauls, to require minimal maintenance and to provide a very low total cost of ownership. Certain of the systems’ high temperature Waste Heat Generators provide higher net outputs of electricity and greater customer value than other low-temperature products.

Compact size

Compared to other systems in its class, their small footprint (typical 40’Long, 8’ Wide, 12’ High) and weight (40 tons) make them suitable for many types of locations and applications.

Attractive Payback Periods

With over 60 Systems currently in operation, their operation has proven reliability and durability. The Systems provide significant savings from reduced fees for waste disposal, transport and taxes, and from reduced purchases of propane and diesel fuel oil. They have a typical net payback period of about 3-4 years.


The customizable software is contained in a automated operating software, which is displayed on a 12” touchscreen, and enables maximum operating flexibility and continuous and remote, real-time proactive system monitoring to ensure optimal operation and constant emissions compliance. These features eliminate the need for expensive on-site engineer or technician.

Project Development

SES may provide a complete turn-key solution for each project and uses several well known, international, permitting, engineering, procurement, construction and management companies to handle air and site permitting, shipping, installation, commissioning, start up, maintenance and servicing of the Systems on a worldwide basis.

We will help you create a feasibility analysis to determine the technical and economic viability of a project.

Easily Transported

The Systems are prefabricated, modular, skid mounted and contain quick-connect fittings. If they need to be moved, they can be easily and quickly dismantled, re-mounted on trailers and re-deployed to other sites. The Systems should be installed and operated inside of or under a suitable enclosure on an inexpensive cement or gravel lay-down pad.

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